With its headquarter in S. Korea, Nemo Partners Group is operating 13 offices in 10 countries, and in comprised of an Advisory Group that provide comprehensive professional services on all management sectors and a Business Group comprised of independent partnerships across various business sectors.

Advisory Group

Strategy Division
  • Vision & Mid/Long-Term Strategy
  • Biz Diagnosis
  • New Biz Development Strategy
  • M&A and PMI
  • Investment feasibility study
  • Mgt. of Org. structure and change
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Operation Strategy
People & Organization Division
  • Organization Diagnosis (EOS)
  • Other Diagnosis: Leadership, Org. Culture, Org. Performance, Creative Capability, etc.
  • Reorganization of Org. Structure
  • HR Mgt. Plan
  • Org. Performance Mgt.
  • Employee HR Policy / Key Talent
  • HR Policy for Mgt.
  • Mgt. of Change / Governance
  • PMI & HRDD
HR Development Division
Coaching & Training
  • Competence based Education System Development
  • Education Program Development and Implementation
  • Leadership Evaluation & Development
  • Biz Professional Development
  • Core Value Internalization & Org. Culture Development

Operational Innovation Division
Operational Excellence
  • Mgt. Innovation Methodology Development & Execution
  • Quality Mgt. System Design and Quality Improvement
  • Production Innovation through Cost Reduction System
  • R&D Process Improvement and R&D Innovation
  • Service Mgt. Innovation


Government & Public Service
Government & Public Institutions
  • Advisory on Mgt. Evaluation of Public Institutions and Local Gov’t.
  • Policies and Mid/Long Term Strategies
  • Organizational and Workforce Operation Plan
  • National Future Industry Innovation Strategy
  • Technology Management Strategy
  • Government Sponsored Business Strategy
  • Export Counseling and Marketing Execution


China & Emerging Market (Vietnam/Myanmar) Entry
Oversea Strategy & Implementation
  • Market Research & Market Entry Strategy
  • Business Partner Matching
  • Overseas Investment Advisory
  • Head Hunting for China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, North Africa
  • Business Development
  • Support for Attaining Various Certificates

Design Thinking
Design Thinking
  • Co-creation project
  • Education / Workshop
  • Advisory
Overseas Expansion Strategy
Entry into North America Market
  • Market Research (focused on Canada) & Establishment of Market entry strategy
  • Gain a foothold in North America & Execute Localization Strategies / Education support
  • Identifying Overseas Buyers and Support/ Execute Export Strategies
  • Local marketing strategy establishment and agency service
  • Overseas Startup Support & Acceleration
  • North American investment  attraction and M&A between  Canadian and Korean companies
  • Establishment of a local branch and the settlement of dispatched workforce & their children’s education support service


Business Group

Trading & Management Service
  • Establishment and Implementation of Strategies through Securing/Utilizing Overseas Base
  • Identifying Overseas Partners and Support Establish/Execute Localization Strategies
  • Identifying Overseas Buyers and Support Establish/Execute Export Strategies
  • Support Attaining Various Certifications
  • Support Attending Overseas Exhibitions and Pre/Post Marketing
  • Local Marketing Agency Service
Future Institute
  • Hosting Future Industries Forum
  • Support in Elaboration of Biz. Model and Support in Commercialization for Start-ups
  • Advisory on Growth for Small Businesses and Mgt./Administrative Services
  • Support in Inviting Investors
  • Linking Business Partner


Root Investment
  • M&A Advisory
  • Inviting Investors
  • Set-up Project Funds

New Business Platform
  • Exhibition/Vocational experience Hall
  • Event Planning and Operation
  • Mice
  • Operating SME Biz. Development Center