Business Group

Independently operated partners across various business sectors.

Trading & Management Service
  • Establishment and Implementation of Strategies through Securing/Utilizing Overseas Base
  • Identifying Overseas Partners and Support Establish/Execute Localization Strategies
  • Identifying Overseas Buyers and Support Establish/Execute Export Strategies
  • Support Attaining Various Certifications
  • Support Attending Overseas Exhibitions and Pre/Post Marketing
  • Local Marketing Agency Service
Future Institute
  • Hosting Future Industries Forum
  • Support in Elaboration of Biz. Model and Support in Commercialization for Start-ups
  • Advisory on Growth for Small Businesses and Mgt./Administrative Services
  • Support in Inviting Investors
  • Linking Business Partner


Root Investment
  • M&A Advisory
  • Inviting Investors
  • Set-up Project Funds

New Business Platform
  • Exhibition/Vocational experience Hall
  • Event Planning and Operation
  • Mice
  • Operating SME Biz. Development Center