Capacity based education system development
-Develop and operate organization culture improvement program through organization diagnosis
-Develop and operate major talent and leader class’ leadership program
-Develop and operate professionality development program specialized by work duty
-Develop and operate various education programs for solving issues in the organization

Recently, Six Sigma Nemo ICG leads Six Sigma in Korea and has plentiful project records on various industries. It creates enterprise value by educating Six Sigma problem solving methodology, training experts, and solving major strategy task.

World Class Manufacturing System - As the globalization of domestic enterprises is accelerating and global production site is expanding, quality deviation is appearing by differences of production methods.

Nemo ICG constructs and supplies WCM, which is global standard production method, through benchmarking TPS, BPS, GMS, etc.

Cost Reduction – Under fierce competition, performance improvement in the operation field has become important as a success factor. Nemo ICG develops and operates LCM (Low Cost Management), which is a comprehensive cost price innovation strategy. LCM consists of LCD (Low Cost Design), which is a cost reduction in design section, PSM, and utilizes action plan.

Policy task of public institution – As public market is growing, Nemo ICG obtains and carries out many public institutions’ policy task projects and proceeds policy tasks’ performance assessments and follow-up surveys.

Organization Structure

Organization Structure
For effective organizational structure design, it derives directivity of organizational structure design by utilizing various methods, such as strategy review, executives and staff members interview, and survey for all employees.

Organization Culture Diagnosis
Organization Culture Diagnosis is important element from two aspects: company’s long-term growth and company’s intrinsic core value. Setting up current level of organization culture and appropriate directivity and measuring gap between those two are the most important steps in terms of forming the right organization culture.

Performance Management System
Performance management means continuous process with definite index and goal to improve performance. Constructing performance management system consists of performance management directivity, performance management framework, KPI by unit organization, and performance management process, etc.

Workforce Planning
Workforce means the size of workers who can maintain work smoothness and quality level of job performance outcome. Generally, workforce-selecting process is finding optimal level among personnel expense compared to the number of members, productivity, and morale.

HR Strategy
Establishing HR strategy is a process, which offers HR strategy that company should have in the future considering business strategy and best practice based on employee satisfaction and system diagnosis outcome.

Job Analysis/Job Evaluation
Job Analysis is a process defining existing reason of job, construction of low task and function, and essential elements to successfully perform the work. Job evaluation is a process linking with compensation system by evaluating job’s relative value based on analyzed job information in the organization. As a foundation work for broad banding, job evaluation has association with position and compensation system.

Evaluation system design consists of three processes. First, it derives assessment element to reasonably evaluate performance result in level of individuals. Second, it establishes evaluation system for achievement, which designs evaluation method and evaluation process. Third, it establishes capacity evaluation system, which derives related-capacity item and behavior index by modeling the capacity that is required to all employees, the capacity that is required to leaders and the capacity that is required to duty executioner by duties.

Reward system design consists of three perspectives. First, it is a base pay system considering international competitiveness and inner fairness based on connection with other system. Second, it is a variable pay system, which is flexible according to achievement by certain periods and units. Third, it is designed in the perspective of maximizing employee’s motivation factor and cost efficiency by synthesizing other reward system, such as incentive, profit sharing, welfare benefit, etc.


Talented person recommendation service
: Both professional consultants specialized in industry and job and research team offers outstanding talented person recommendation service through network and DB system that other search firm cannot provide.

Structured reference check (SRC)
: Structured reference check, offered by HRG, minimizes the subjectivity of SRC staff by systemizing components of question and progress methods. Collecting specific evidence of performance outcome and capacity, SRC can accurately measure people’s capacity.

Career Consulting
: For successful career development, it is necessary for people to have accurate diagnosis of their career goal and current competitiveness through consulting with expert. Career consulting is classified into three clinics: career clinic, resume clinic, and job clinic. It provides customized services to college and MBA students who are preparing for employment, and workers who are considering turnover.

Education background/work experience inquiry
: With offered information about leading candidate and written consent, it provides domestic and foreign education background and work experience verification service.

Market wage investigation consulting
: Collecting and analyzing wage system and its level in industry labor market, it establishes corporate’s foundation of maintaining and recruiting talented people.

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